I am very happy to announce that we have a new demo reel to share on the homepage of our website.  When we started the process back in January, I thought we could get this done in a couple of weeks.  Instead, as we started to pull together all of the videos we had worked on over the past couple of years, it was soon very obvious that we could not get everything that was so great into a two minute video.  So A LOT of great imagery was left on the cutting room floor.

Along with this we decided that I should also narrate and appear on camera as the face of the company.  Being in front of the camera is not my favorite thing to do, but I let go of my ego and gave one for the team. Tara did a great job directing me, while Jason and Tom wrangled the shots and Casey took behind the scenes photo as well as helped with post production. It was a team effort and I am proud to say the results reflect how well this team works together.  Enjoy!

– E