Today, we celebrate a brand new show on Veria Living TV. The show is called VLC: Veria Living Companion.

We are very delighted to have been hired to help create the launch promos for VLC. The final results are nothing less than amazing – a testimony to the talent that J6 brings to all of our productions. We are especially thankful to have had Tom Moore as Creative Directer & 2nd Camera, Dina Shackelford as Associate Producer, and Edward Roy as Director & Director of Photography. To all of the crew involved, “the way a team plays as a whole determines its success.” Thank you – Tara Latorre, Oscar Rivas, Jason Latorre, Chris Fisher, Clayton Combe, Brian Trim, Rachaell Dama, and everyone at Veria Living TV.

Veria Living Companion premiered today – Here’s the link for more information and how to watch the new live interactive programming block!

Here is just one promo: