Gallery opening of ISA GENZKEN: Retrospective

ISA GENZKEN is an artist from Berlin and during my time filming a documentary on ISA, the gender of this artist was often a question mark. In NYC, for example, when we stopped people on the street, asking if they knew the artist ISA GENZKEN, the first return question often was: Is this a man or a woman?

ISA is a woman, a very accomplished German born sculptor. I had the opportunity to spend time with her in Berlin. Yes, she does often wear men’s clothing, but she pulls them together in a very attractive, feminine way. And some of her art explores the male/female sides to her persona.

But her art is not about gender identify so much as it is about making us question and see aspects of life from a unique perspective. Something that modern artists tend to strive for and she does well.

Her retrospective is currently showing at MoMA from now until March 10, 2014. For more information, visit

Here is the documentary:


Interview with Daniel Buchholz, Gallery Owner. Isa Genzken seats behind him.


Interview with Wolfgang Tillmans, Artist.