Interviewing Madeline Pecora Nugent
A brisk January day in Rhode Island at the home of Madeline Pecora Nugent.  I spoke with her about a 13th Century Franciscan Friar known today as St. Anthony of Padua.  I knew very little about this very popular Catholic Saint before taking on this documentary project, and Madeline was a great source of information helping me to unravel who St. Anthony was.  Madeline is the author of the book “Anthony Words of Fire Life of Light” and has a deep and wonderful knowledge of this Saint.

The interview lasted almost three hours never repeating an idea.  I’m finding that St. Anthony of Padua (who was born Fernando of Lisbon) is a fascinating study on Medieval History and the role that the Franciscan Friars played in helping 13th Century Europe transition into a new age we now call The Renaissance.