Filmmaker Edward Roy with Madeline Pecora Nugent
Thanks to advancements in technology, video is more than ever an phenomenal marketing and sales tool that companies of all sizes can benefit from. Well-made videos can promote products or services, increase brand recognition, assist employee training process, or lead potential clients to your website.

An impactful video should tell a great story that reinforces your company’s philosophy. A professionally crafted video can set your company apart from your competitors.  Think about the kind of information or story you enjoy most and you’ll understand what your clients, prospects and employees will want to watch. This will increase your video’s potential to “go viral” helping spread awareness about your business.  However, don’t go rushing in and producing just “any video” for your business. A poorly-made video can also “go viral”— and ruin your company’s hard earned image. As we have seen, bad news and major gaffs travel fast, especially online, where they are nearly impossible to retract.

Once you have your videos produced, make sure to incorporate them into your website. Also, remember to upload your videos to social websites such as YouTube and Facebook to help people find your video.  If people see great content they will want to “share” your video with their close friends and colleagues they are connected to on Linked In, Facebook and next the great social media tool that comes around.