MoMA: Art & Activity for Coursera.

What is MOOC?  MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course and MoMA has partnered with the premiere MOOC provider Coursera with a series of free online courses.  The most recent offering is titled Art & Activity and is geared towards teachers K thru 12.

At J6 we were privileged to work on this 19 part video series with the education department at MoMA.  It was a fun project that also included time with three online educators, shooting b-roll of students at MoMA and developing animated objects that help the learning experience.

On July 7th, this summer, MoMA launched the new series on Coursera and as of this writing over 25,000 people have signed up for the course.  Now that’s a lot of free learning. The course is still available here:

As a final note, we would simply like to include a dedication to the memory of Cindy Yeh, a key collaborator on this project, along with a few other projects this past year.

Dedicated to Cindy Yeh, 1991-2014